IBM initiated into the mysteries of healthcare

Big Blue has decided to buy a company called Initiate Systems that makes software to help quacks and quack farms manage information.

Healthcare is big business in the developed world. A report today suggested that there were as many as 800,000 people in the UK already suffering from Alzheimers and that will rise to one million by 2025, which isn’t too far away.

Mr HealthcareHealthcare is even bigger business in the United States, where there is no health parachute for poor people – in the UK the National Health Service (NHS) does its best to pick up the pieces.

Financial details were not given. There have been plans mooted at times for the NHS to be privatised but as the demographics of the UK mean there’s loads of old people and more old people to come, and we all have a vote, the political party that dares that is doomed.

Intel has a healthcare division. We don’t know if IBM has a prison division but it’s certainly bigger in Las Vegas than the chip firm. Oh, IBM is a chip firm too.