IBM clamps Lotus to iPhone

Big Blue has decided to jump on the iPhone bandwagon and has performed an unbelievable feat comparable to wrting a £1,000 driver for its DisplayWrite word processor. OS/2 was unbelievable too..

It said that organisations can now use IBM software for enterprise social notworking, instant massaging and securely encrypted email.

Yes, youcan now use Lotus Symphony 3.0 for the Mac while you can also include Lotus Connections and Lotus Sametime.  That will let you build “professional notworks” like bogs, wikis, and microblogging.

Here’s a piece of news for you. General Motors – which has appeared to have unexpectedly lost its voicemail – uses IBM collaboration software to increase the “agility of its work force” through a range of mobile devices. Including the iPhone.

Lotus Social Software, claims IBM, can “help users share and discover expertise and content instantly, harnessing the wisdom of the crowds”.

Ah. The wisdom of the crowds.  Or the mob, as Roman emperors used to call the crowd. Next IBM Microelectronics will be building semiconductors for Apple in East Fishkill.

*EyeSee I was a beta tester of Notes which was then then from Iris Software before Lotus decided it was really what it needed. Novell wanted to take over Lotus but the deal fell through in New York City when the Lotus atheists had a wee bit too much to drink and the Mormon Novell folk pulled the plug on the deal. Lotus was always going to be the kind of company IBM – originally a Quaker company – would buy.