HSBC turns off PCs and saves over $1 million

HSBC claims that it has saved $1,090,180 in energy costs after using a technology that automatically turns off 300,000 PCs during evenings and weekends.

The bank is using 1E’s NightWatchman technology, which is said to securely, remotely and centrally power down PC and Mac, allowing organisations to make energy savings while ensuring that user productivity remains unaffected.

When they are not in use, computers can be automatically shut down, suspended or put into a hibernated state  to help save money and energy and carbon emissions reductions. And workers don’t have to worry about losing work as the software is said to save data and close applications before shutting down PCs.

HSBC has said that it is putting the technology across its global network and although it’s currently only rolled this out to 300,000 PCs so far, it hopes that it will eventually reach all 8,000 offices in the 88 countries it operates in.

In a statement Gary M Phillips, global head of IT operations, HSBC said, “A key part of our desktop strategy to minimise total cost of ownership is through ruthless standardisation of our environment.

“Within this environment, we are responsible for establishing all of the desktop settings, including our global shutdown policy, to ensure that this is adhered to across the organisation, maximising the energy savings.”