HP's Hurd talks of webOS

The purveyor of printer ink which is only a little cheaper than a slice of the philosopher’s stone, HP,   has been talking up the proposed $1.2 billion acquisition of ailing Palm.

Speaking to investors, who might feel that $1.2 billion is a little steep for a money pit like Palm, Mark Hurd, HP’s CEO,  said that it is worth every penny to get its paws on the company’s mobile operating system, webOS.

HP plans to spread the OS throughout its stable of connected device, including Web-enabled printers, he said. This will mean taking the OS from smartphones and tablet PCs to things that are much more interesting such as Web-connected printers.

According to Eweek, Hurd said that while he certainly wants to grow Palm’s smartphone business, the real key to the proposed $1.2 billion deal is Palm’s webOS.

He said that while many technology hacks seem to think that it is a move into the smartphone market, his view is not that narrow.

HP offers a wide range of connected devices that would benefit from having a common operating system, he said.

WebOS will be jacked under the bonnet of ‘slates’ and Web-connected printers, Hurd said. Hurd said that despite the change of direction in HP’s tablet plans, he still loves Microsoft. Microsoft is still extremely important to HP..

Hurd also countered dark satanic rumours that the his $13.9 billion acquisition of services company EDS was not working out.

He said that EDS — now called HP Enterprise Services — gives the company a stronger services arm.