HP still loves Microsoft

HP “Mr Action” Leo Apotheker has been telling Fortune Magazine that his company still loves Microsoft, it just does not want to stick it under the bonnet of any of his company’s tablets.

He said that his outfit’s WebOS is the only operating system that was developed from scratch to be always connected. It means it is possible to synchronise all kinds of data points and bring them all together on a device.

Apotheker said that the WebOS products are going to get a lot of attention, and they will pull a lot of attractiveness when it comes to the market it.

However he denied that WebOS was a threat to HP’s relationship with the Vole. He claimed that Microsoft doesn’t view WebOS as a threat, and he didn’t intend it to be a threat.

Future PCs will be running Windows, whatever version, and they will also be running WebOS – it’s not a threat, it’s complementary. Apotheker said that Vole knew all about WebOS, and HP knows what it wants to do.

“It’s a great partnership and I look forward to continuing that partnership in the future,” he said. Fortune pointed out that what Vole is doing with Windows Phone 7 might be a threat to HP and Apotheker said that the future is in connectivity, not just in mobile devices.

He said that there will always be some form of heterogeneity in the world. He doesn’t think people should have a binary, homogeneous view of things.

People want choice, which is one of the challenges some of HP’s competition has. People want choice, people are living in the heterogeneous world, and Apotheker wants to support that, and WebOS will support heterogeneity. This sort of statement is exactly the sort of thing that gets homogeneous people upset as they often feel that the big companies are prejudiced against their lifestyle choices. Sheesh.