HP shows off WebOS 3.0 to developers

The maker of printer ink, which is more expensive than gold, HP has been showing off its WebOS 3.0 to developers.

Developers who get a pre-release version of an OS have a sword placed on the back of their necks and are made to swear that they will not show the OS to anyone in the world who has not been initiated into the great secret.

Apparently at least one developer regarded his oath as fairly pointless and immediately took his copy to PreCentral.net which ran an emulation to see what it looked like.

According to the results, which can be seen on YouTube, it is pretty good for a beta.

For a start they have a few ideas which improve on Apple’s operating system. Firstly there is an alarm clock that actually works, a three-paned e-mail view, better organisation of browser windows and a nice looking notification system.

Google’s maps have been rejected in favour of the Bing version, but the new map app is not bad.

Facebook photo access is apparently built in, which means you can send pictures which imply that you are a young, slim new age looking fairy when you are actually an overweight mother of trillions.

Another feature is QuickOffice, which will enable users to edit Office docs on their iPads.

While it hasn’t been spotted far and wide on a mobile device yet, the OS works well on a PC and is better than Android’s tablet offerings, reportedly.

If HP can get enough developers to write apps for it there’s a chance it could give Apple and the others a few bad dreams.

*Eyesee We notice HP seems to have got to Youtube and had the video removed.