HP, man+boy, expects Microsoft Windows 8 to do well

If the world does not end on Friday, and with HP’s luck it probably will, the maker of expensive printer ink expects to make a real killing out of Microsoft’s Window’s 8.

According to the Times of India,  HP announced that it expects PCs with Windows 8 operating system to contribute 25-30 percent to its computer sales next year. Sigh.

HP India’s president of printing and personal systems, Rajiv Srivastava said that while Windows 8 was a new platform, if 25-30 percent of the sales came from Windows 8, he would be jolly happy.

Srivastava was convinced that things were moving in that direction. He said that HP is witnessing a strong migration to Microsoft’s new operating system but more from individual customers than enterprises.

HP has launched two ultrabooks and an all-in-one, and the company’s ultra-thin notebooks, sleek AIOs and high performance PCs is designed to meet the needs of customers who have been waiting for the Windows 8 OS.

Srivastava added that products in the market, powered with the operating system were cheap enough but the touch-enabled ones would be priced a little higher.

Windows 8 has features such as an HD camera, long battery life, and its security capabilities would help HP compete in the PC market, he said. Bring back the Palm!

While Microsoft might have hoped that Windows 8 would kick start the PC market, the economy is still on the blink and sales are expected to remain flat for a while.