HP dumps Windows 7 Mobile for its Slate

A week after computer maker HP  agreed to write a cheque for smartphone maker Palm  $1.2 billion in cash, it has announced that it is removing Windows 7 from the Slate tablet project.

It looks like the maker of expensive printer ink has found a use for the Palm operating source software it has bought and is getting it to work as soon as possible.

Deep throats inside  HP said that the outfit is unhappy with the overall performance of Windows 7 on their unreleased tablet, saying the OS was too power-hungry.

A Windows 7 licence will raise the price of any final Slate product, and now that HP owns WebOS, it does not really need to waste the cash.

Already the rumours are that HP is set to drop the Intel processor used in the tablet, which would completely kill off any chance of Windows 7 being used.

The orginal spec was to have Windows 7 with  a 8.9-inch 1024×600 multi-touch screen. Additionally, the tablet had a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, 1GB RAM, SDHC slot (with support up to 128GB), two cameras, a USB port, a SIM card slot, and five-hour battery life would have been $549 at its cheapest.

Afterdawn.com  claims that with the changes in chip and software HP can push the price much lower and make it more competitive against Apple’s iPad.