Guy Kewney is dead

Renowned tech journalist Guy Kewney died yesterday after a long and debilitating struggle against cancer which he bravely documented. He was 63.

Guy was one of the most influential tech journalists in the world and rose to fame at  VNU’s magazine Personal Computer World. He was also an editor of Microscope and PC Dealer, latterly helping Ziff-Davis, or Spliff-Davis as I used to call it, to set up in the United Kingdom.

Guy was always personally very kind to me. He went out of his way to help me in my career, once describing me to a bunch of other people as a “minor tech celebrity”.

When I went through my own troubles, Guy was very supportive and kindly, encouraging me to keep on going, and taking a great interest in the different projects that I started.

I will miss him as he moves to the Celtic heaven, Tir na Nog.   My sincere condolences to his family.

* EyeSee There is an especially fine obituary written by Manek Dubash, which you can find here.