Google resuscitates Wave

Google’s Wave effort had been on life support for some time before it pulled the plug. But users still liked it and after cries from its fans Google has decided to put more code into the realms of open sauce by releasing what it calls Wave in a Box. 

It said on its Google Wave development bog that the project is going to include an application bundle with a server and web client which will support collaboration using the same structure as Wave. It’ll enjoy refinements to the client server protocols, a fast and fully featured wave panel in the web client to support threaded conversations. API support will be included as well. There will also be support for importing wave data from

Since being cast away as a dead duck, Google Wave users have felt seriously let down. Developers are still into the idea of playing around with the sauce and we’ve no doubt that some like the folk at WaveLook will welcome the news. If Google couldn’t do what it wanted it’s a wise move to leave the rest to developers who are more enthusiastic and know where they want to go and what to achieve with the code. 

The best place to keep up to date on the goings on, says software engineer on the Wave team Alex North, check out the Wave Protocol Forum here. He reckons that outside developers with an enthusiasm for Wave will be critical for its future. It has its fans, for sure – so watch this space.