Google releases shed-loads of bug-fixes

Less than a couple of weeks after releasing the new version of its Chrome browser, search outfit Google has released shed-loads of bug fixes for the software.

Google has pushed out another version 6 Chrome release, which includes fixes for 10 security bugs, seven of which are rated either critical or high.

Google Chrome 6.0.472.59 has been released thanks to a bug bounty program which saw Google promising to pay out $4,000 in rewards to researchers who disclosed security flaws in the browser.

While most of the security flaws fixed in the new release are in the Windows version of Chrome, they are minor in comparison to the the serious bug in Chrome for Mac. This was an old memory corruption flaw that was not fixed properly in earlier versions.

There also was one bug fix that is just for Chrome running on Linux machines.

Google said that most of the security bugs fixed in the new version of Chrome were found by external security researchers. It is not clear if the expansion of the bug bounty programme was responsible.

It is hard to see how a $4,000 reward is enough to justify an insecurity researcher’s time, particularly as that has not been paid out yet. However there is a thought that it might encourage researchers who have found bugs to report them.

In the last two major releases of Chrome, Google has fixed a total of 24 security vulnerabilities in the browser, many of them rated either critical or high, and has paid out $8,133 in bounty.