Google previews Javascript killer

Search outfit Google has been showing off a preview version of a new web programming language, called Dart.

The big idea is that it will fix the shortcomings of the widely used JavaScript language and create “a structured yet flexible language for web programming”.

Writing from his bog, Lars Bak, a software engineer for Google’s Dart team, said that Dart’s capabilities resemble those of JavaScript.

But they also fix the scalability and organisational problems that have been associated with JavaScript. Apparently Google engineers have been banging their collective heads on tables about “fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed by merely evolving” JavaScript.

Dart is an object oriented language which can be used for small and larger scale web applications. It allows programmers to add variables without having to define everything that moves.

At the moment, Dart programs can run on browsers and compile them to JavaScript. But Google wants each browser to include a native Dart virtual machine, upon which Dart programs can run.

At the moment not even Chrome can support Dart, which will probably stop its wide scale adoption.

Google would have to first convince its Chrome team to support Dart and then go to other outfits before it can be used across the web.

JavaScript has been around since 1995 and was developed by Netscape. So far it is proving difficult to unseat. It is the second time that Google has tried to do something like this. In 2009, the company showed off Go, supposed to be an alternative to C++, and Java. Heard of it?