Google notebook to arrive this month

Search outfit Google is rumoured to be releasing its first branded Chrome based notebooks later this month.

A version will ship made by Inventec with models coming from Acer and HP.

In an interview with a typewriter, Digitimes puts the launch date of the Inventec notebook in November, with Acer and HP launching theirs a month later, in December.

The news is surprising because it did not mention Dell which has already said that it will look at releasing a Chrome OS device alongside Windows.

While Digitimes is a bit like the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,  the story does fit into what Google has already told us.

This week Google said it was on track to launch its Chrome OS by the end of the year, as well as its Chrome app store. To be this on track it must have at least one bit of kit waiting to be launched.

Google’s Chrome OS is expected to be an ultrathin client on top of the Chrome browser. The cunning plan is that the majority of activities will take place within the cloud.

However we expected to see Chrome OS devices would launched at Computex. When it wasn’t the Tarot readers within the industry predicted the end of the year.

DigiTimes said that the products will be “smartbooks,” using the ARM processor instead of a more common X86 chip from AMD or Intel.

They will be targeted against netbooks from Asus or Acer.