Google is lying about cloud security, claims Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft has been telling the world and its dog that the search engine outfit Google has been misleading customers about the security certification of its suite of software programs.

The pair are finding themselves increasingly in competition as Google tries to flog its cloud based software into businesses and government departments.

Writing from his bog, Microsoft’s deputy general counsel, David Howard, talked about a newly unsealed court document that shows that Google Apps for Government hasn’t been certified under the Federal Information Security Management Act.

However Google’s website claims it has, and said as much in court documents.

Howard said that it is time for Google to stop telling governments something that is not true.

The papers are part of a Google lawsuit alleging that it was improperly frozen out of competing for a U.S. Department of the Interior contract to build a new email system for 85,000 employees. Vole, not Google, won the contract.

Earlier, a judge sided with Google’s belief that the bidding was rigged to favour the Vole and told them to fight it out in court.

Google said that it’s not deceiving anyone. A less secure version of its software was certified under FISMA in July last year.

Google Apps for Government is “the same system with enhanced security controls that go beyond FISMA requirements.” a spokesGoogle said.

However the documents show that Google is in the process of applying for certification for Google Apps for Government and the search engine clearly has not got it yet.

But it is starting to look like the complaints and tactics Google and Microsoft are using to attack each other are set to get nasty.

Google recently accused Microsoft in February of copying Google’s search results, and Vole has filed its first formal antitrust complaint in Europe – claiming Google is abusing its dominance to freeze out rival search.