Google engineer denies he saw an Oracle smoking gun

A Google engineer stood up to the finest legal minds that Oracle could hire yesterday and told them that a crucial email did not say what they claimed.

Oracle wants to claim that the email, penned by Google engineer Timothy Lindholm in 2010, advised Google should take a license to use the Java programming language.

The email flies in the face of Google’s claim that it does not violate Oracle’s patents and that Oracle cannot copyright certain parts of Java, an “open-source,” or publicly available, software language.

According to Reuters,  when Lindholm took the stand the former Sun Microsystems employee said that he had been asked by top Google executives to investigate technical alternatives to Java for Android.

The email said “We’ve been over a bunch of these, and think they all suck. We conclude that we need to negotiate a license for Java under the terms we need.”

Lindholm admitted he wrote the email but said it was taken out of contect and he was not referring to getting a license from Sun or anyone.

He added that the software over which Oracle is claiming copyright was free for use by other people.