Google Chrome kills the caps lock

Online search outfit GOOGLE has decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with all this ONLINE SHOUTING.

Its new CHROME OPERATING SYSTEM which will probably be released NEXT YEAR will come with special hardware which EFFECTIVELY BANS THE CAPS LOCK.

According to Engadget, the first notebook to be released on CHROME will lack any CAPS LOCK and thus make the INTERNET a QUIETER PLACE.

Writing in CAPITALS is deemed in INTERNET CIRCLES “shouting” but that has not stopped a large number of EMAILS that cross our desk being DELIVERED ENTIRELY IN CAPS.

True most of them are WRITTEN BY APPLE FANBOYS who are ANGRY that we have DARED TO WRITE THE TRUTH, but some are written by those who REALLY BELIEVE THAT EVERYTHING LOOKS BETTER IN CAPS.

Engadget has a snap of what it claims is Acer’s coming Chrome notebook. The caps lock is replaced by a button which says “Search” instead. We guess this will open a Google search.

To be honest we have not deliberately used the Caps Lock until we had to write the above. It is more a hang-over from the days of typewriters when you used to write a heading in Caps. These days you tend to just capitalise the first letter and if you do that a Caps Lock is just another key to press.

Its existence is more often a pain as it has a habit of being struck when you are a little lopsided and attempting to get the “a” key at speed.

It seems everytime we make that cock-up we will get a Google search instead. Hooray.

Still it will mean that that those nutters who offer “PRAY FOR OUR SOULS” and hope that we will  GIVE “UR HEARTS TO JESUS” will have to find another method of getting their message across.