GNOME runs out of cash

Open Saucy outfit the GNOME Foundation has run into cash flow problems.

The group has been celebrating lately as its Wayland-based compositor has been doing rather well. The recent GNOME 3.12 release has been praised by developers as being “fairly exciting.”

However, it seems that money is too tight to mention at GNOME Foundation and there is even talk of them having to pawn their wheelbarrows and fishing rods.

The Foundation has already frozen non-essential expenses and spent all its cash reserves. The hope is that everything will be ok in the months ahead. One of the problems appears to have been that the outfit set up an Outtreach Programme for Women (OPW) as if women would be interested in doing anything Open Sauce when they should be baking cookies for their developer sons as they energetically code in the basement.

The Outreach Program for Women (OPW) which helps women and genderqueer get involved in free and open source software. The programme had been a little too successful and had 30 interns for their most recent cycle.

What is more likely for GNOME’S problems is that in its 2014 budget they made assumptions based upon the previous year’s incomes and expenditures. Things were better last year.

GNOME sponsors and others owing the GNOME Foundation money being rather fluid or coming in late in writing cheques.

The Foundation voted last week to freeze Foundation spending which is not essential to the running of the Foundation.