GDC organises Spamalot

GDC, the Game Developer’s Conference, is coming up in a couple of weeks. As I’m reminded every day by the slew of spam landing in my inbox from various desperate sounding vendors soliciting my presence at their booth.

“Hi Sylvie, with GDC coming up fast, I’d like to let you know about an unannounced whatsit and a totally unique doodah,” proclaim most of these mails cluttering up my inbox.

The floodgates opened a couple of weeks back when I made the mistake of succumbing to the pressure and sending the organisers of the show my “press credential details” ostensibly so they could check to see if I was even worthy of coming to the show in the first place.

But really, they just wanted my email address so they could add it to the exhibitors’ “please spam like there’s no tomorrow” list.

A spamming of 40 days and 40 nights with no rainbow or virtual olive branch holding dove in sight.

“Sylvie! GDC will be a great opportunity to see the latest and greatest games from more than a dozen Aussie game developers…”

Yes, yes, I know! Now bog off and leave my inbox in peace!