Gamestop pulls Medal of Honour from US bases

Computer games retailer Gamestop has pulled the latest version of Medal of Honour from its stores in US bases because of fears that troops will play as Taliban.

The latest version of the game, which is set in the Afghanistan war allows people to play allied forces or Taliban. It has created a storm in a teacup as politicians do not believe that it is fair that you can play who they consider bad guys.

Of course it is fine to play a game where you are a Nazi, Stalin, Genghis Khan or Craig David, but as long as you play a Muslim who believes in returning to the middle ages and wants to stone people for cutting their hair, that is apparently evil.

The game has not even come out yet, but it has not stopped the UK Government Minister of Defence Liam Fox declaring it as “unBritish”.  

In the UK there is a tradition of demonising the people you are fighting until the war is over and then you end up giving them their country back and owing them large sums of money. About the only time you ever mention you have been at war is when you get to re-fight the entire experience in the World Cup when the loser of the war will always win.

Now the the world’s biggest games retailer GameStop has decided it won’t sell the title at its stores located on U.S. Military bases and they will not be advertised at stores either.

GameStop said that they came to this decision “out of respect for our past and present men and women in uniform.”

We wonder if that means that they will be pulling all the Vietnam games which have been making a virtual killing. Not to mention the first Medal of Honour which was set in WW2. Don’t we respect them any more?

Military people who show up at store and want to order a copy will have to go to a GameStop location off base.

“GameStop fully supports AAFES in this endeavor and is sensitive to the fact that in multiplayer mode one side will assume the role of Taliban fighter.”

We would have thought playing the role of a Taliban fighter would feel natural to US soldiers as they usually only get to shoot at the British and other people on their own side.