Games do make kids more violent

The Aussie Christian Lobby claims that a federal government review of research into the effects of violent video games has been too hasty to dismiss studies showing links to aggression,

Ministers called for a review of available research into violent video games to help them decide if an R18 games rating was required. It would effectively allow more violent games to be seen in Oz.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor said it was inconclusive whether violent computer games made users aggressive, but the “literature does not bear out that assertion.”

Australian Christian Lobby chief of staff Lyle Shelton said he thought the review had been a little hasty in dismissing the vast body of research showing links between exposure to violent games and aggressive behaviour.

“It does show there’s definitely, certainly, short-term evidence and they’re not dismissing the long-term effects,” Shelton said.

Having grown up amongst the fundamentalist Christians in New Zealand, I can confirm that kids are definitely turned into psychopathic monsters by over exposure to violence.

After all, many fundamentalist Christians kids are bought up to read a book which starts out with the hero drowning men, women, children, fluffy bunnies, cute kittens and puppies for not paying him enough attention. The same hero goes on to fire bomb one town and draw all the water from a woman who happened to turn around to look.

The same hero orders one of his followers to inflict loads of curses on the Egyptians, including killing their first born, for failing to issue travel permits on time.

Next, the same hero orders mass genocide throughout the Middle East, including live stock, for crime of being in the way.

Throughout chapters of murder and mayhem, including scenes where daughters shag their dad, the climax is after the hero has murdered most of the world in a tremendous war. The final scene has the hero raise the dead to life so that he can set fire to the lot for eternity.

Obviously a child growing up with the hero in this book as a role model would grow up into a psychological nutcase whose method of dealing with anything would be to use their fists.

If they didn’t spend their time pulling the heads off badgers and telling other people how to live, they would turn to an Apple hating, fruitcake, who performs black magic in his spare time.