FreeBSD co-founder flees Apple

Jordan Hubbard, who gave the world FreeBSD, has fled Apple’s walled garden of delights, where he was providing the company with a level of UNIX expertise that it would not otherwise have had.

Hubbard has joined iXsystems as its chief technical officer. According to a company statement, Hubbard will lead engineering and development at iXsystems.

One of his projects is FreeNAS, which is its open source storage platform, and he will work to bring the TrueNAS Unified Storage Appliance to a wider audience by adding new capabilities.

iXsystems wants to add things such as object storage, simpler cloud integration, and high-performance real-time data deduplication.

Hubbard is expected to create future products and services which better serve the needs of emerging enterprise and consumer markets.

This sounds more like the career path for a committed open sourcer. However, for 12 years Hubbard led the development of many BSD and Unix technologies at the core of Mac OSX and iOS.

One of his jobs at Apple was to modernise the Unix platform, creating better and more fundamental security technologies, increasing performance and power efficiency.

Hubbard said the job was a great opportunity for him to be part of a company known for its strong support of FreeBSD and other open source software.

Hubbard co-founded the FreeBSD project in 1993 and was a long time executive employee of iXsystems’ corporate ancestors, BSDi and Walnut Creek CD-ROM.

BSDi became iXsystems in 2001, and Walnut Creek became the FreeBSD Mall in 2002, before re-joining iXsystems in 2005.