Facebook users' unfriending reasons explained

The most common reason for unfriending people on Facebook is constant one-upmanship about how fantastic their lives are, according to a new survey.

Endless braggadocio about the interesting things you are doing with your life could point to a deep seated narcissism only exacerbated by me-me-me platforms like Facebook. 

Or perhaps it’s more indicative of the cynical and grumpy nature of Brits, who clearly translate posts about nice things in people’s lives into personal attacks on their news feed: the hide button is, after all, an alternative.

Either way, for most people hitting unfriend, that is the number one reason people culled their friends list.

One person, who took part in the survey of 820 users by PromotionalCodes.org.uk, said: “Some people’s updates just scream, ‘Look at me!’, like they are trying to convince themselves that their lives have meaning”.

Bragging was followed by sickly sweet gushing updates and then, users who just don’t see deleted ‘friends’ in the real world.

Another user said: “I’ve blocked people who have posted really intimate information about their sex lives because I’m really not interested. Some people just don’t seem to set any boundaries on there”.

Others were annoyed at updates that were just too frequent, annoying, attached inappropriate photos, or for being too personal. Just 22 percent were peeved at bad language, and a jealous 14 percent didn’t want to share their friends.

Only 11 percent of people said they clicked unfriend because they were jealous of holiday snaps.