Facebook sent personal emails to wrong people

Social notworking site Facebook has admitted that it redirected people’s personal emails to the wrong recipients earlier this week.

But while Facebook admitted that the incident has happened, it didn’t fess up to how many people were affected and how many emails went missing.

Some people have received dozens of emails they shouldn’t have, which just goes to show that if you’re social networking you’d better be very careful how you use its email function.

While it was fixing the problem, people affected couldn’t access the Facebook site. That happens often enough anyway that you can’t be absolutely certain that you’re one of the unlucky people whose mail has gone to the wrong inbox.

Facebook said “a bug” caused the rerouting to a small number of people. But small is relative, given the number of people who use Facebook.

Buzz, Facebook, Twitter have all experienced various degrees of wobble in the last few weeks.