Facebook rumoured to be working on 'VIP app'

Data harvesting procrastination machine, Facebook, is rumoured to be working on a snooty app that would provide extended access to celebrities.

Rather than being a snooty network exclusively for celebrities, it’s going to be a way to manage content and engage with followers. According to AllThingsD, some sources suggest a small group of famous people are currently testing a ‘VIP app’ which will let them easily monitor fan discussion from mobiles and allow quick access to responding.

Facebook is reportedly trying to pull celebrities away from the Twittersphere and onto its network. This rumoured app will let ‘slebs dive into conversation about them or the things they say. Its purpose seems to be to interact with followers and generate more interest.

Twitter is populated by celebraties with millions of followers who hang on their every tweet, and Facebook wants to get in on that action.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company is “currently testing some mobile features designed to help public figures interact with their fans,” but details were scarce.

Celebrities are apparently even being briefed on ‘best practices’ for Facebook interaction, including sharing candid thoughts with followers.

Whether Facebook will achieve this remains to be seen, but it certainly seems like the rumoured app could be well applied to corporate pages.