EU digital games market will reach $4.2 billion by 2015

In just four years Europe’s digital game market could swell to $4.2 billion, according to DFC Intelligence’s report which will debut at San Francisco’s Games Developers Conference (GDC).

That’s a total of 89 percent compared to the $2.2 billion it was worth in 2010. The market in the EU, says DFC, is underserved in terms of digital content compared to rivals. That is because performance comes down to “how well a company is able to tackle the many local idosyncrasies of consumer preferences” for distribution and payment.

It’s hard not to see Europe as a top market. The problem is, according to DFC, that there are underlying individual markets beneath the surface that leaves customers underserved.

Understanding payment options in each country remains one of the biggest challenges – and providers who get their heads around micromanagement in the EU will be most likely for success.
Digital delivery is still penned as the way forward. Asking 300,000-ish people in 27 EU countries of actual transaction data, paired with a survey of 2,800 PC gamers in Europe, revealed that over three quarters have bought a full game, digitally. 

There is clear demand for virtual currencies, according to the report. Publishers are on the hunt for payment providers that can offer understanding of different markets to meet demand.

Citing figures from Romania as “surprising,” at five transactions a year at an average of $24 each, DFC says “when you understand that consumers in Romania have a sophisticated broadband and payment infrastructure in place, it starts to make sense.”