Employers to hire more Android developers over iOS in 2012

Despite iOS apps getting a boost thanks to the iPhone 4S, Android app development is increasing at such a pace that it’s expected to lead by the end of the year.

While Android-based devices such as the Galaxy S2 are considered to be at least a match for Apple’s hardware, the selection of available apps has been criticised by comparison.  This is certain to change. Job posting website Freelancer.co.uk shows that Google’s operating system is enticing ever more numbers of programmers.

Coming through a relatively slow third quarter, Android jobs shot up by 33 percent to 2,454 by the end of the year.

This is compared to iOS jobs, which increased by 18 percent to reach 3,682.  According to Freelancer’s figures, this means that by the end of this year Android should be roughly neck and neck with iPhone in terms of new app developments. For the iPad, there were also increases with a jump of 22 percent to 1,692.

It seems that Google has been doing its best to catch up with the App Store recently, and has been lending a helping hand to get developers producing apps for the Android Market.  Android currently has around 400,000 apps available, and is clearly doing its utmost to catch up with Apple. Still, Apple’s faithful will argue much of the market is bloatware. But it won’t be forever.

Android’s advantage is in the numbers – with Google keen to have Android running on any device that’s capable, the userbase is enormous. Not to mention the comparably open nature of its platform when put next to Apple’s walled garden of delights.

Other mobile platforms were predictably left way behind. Blackberry app jobs barely moved, with only a two percent increase, while Amazon’s Kindle rose 27 percent though with “insignificant volumes”.  Windows Phone jobs barely shifted.