Ellison's Oracle Social Network baffles

A few more details have emerged about the Oracle Social Network, announced last week at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference, greeted largely with apprehension from the web community.

OpenWorld wasn’t a spectacular PR event for Oracle. Analysts commented that CEO Larry Ellison’s keynote was “mind numbing”. Then there was a very public disagreement between Ellison and SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff, who claims his keynote was cancelled and forced to relocate to a hotel.

But expert reaction to Oracle’s “Public Cloud”, specifically the Oracle Social Network product, has not been great either.

Details are scarce beyond a cheesy 3-minute YouTube promo that has widely been labelled as “buzzword bingo”.

YouTube commenters, known for their accurate grammar and well-rounded opinions, have laid into the video – with critics popping up across other social networks as the video is shared around.

Whether the somewhat awkwardly-named Oracle Social Network can have an impact on Salesforce’s market share remains to be seen, as details on the product remain largely under wraps or sworn to secrecy with Oracle partners.

The aggressive launch is undoubtedly like waving red flags to a bull with Benioff, who tweeted “You can’t buy this type of advertising. Thank you Larry!” during the keynote. Which, by the way, was mostly attacks on Salesforce rather than the benefits of Oracle Social Network.

So far Oracle’s public websites feature holding pages for the entire Public Cloud section, with the Oracle Social Network page featuring the same buzzwords that were mocked in the promotional video.

The announcement itself contained little, if any, real information on the product, with Ellison awkwardly demoing elementary functionality through screenshots, and asking the audience: “I hope this isn’t boring”.