Early iOS 4 adopters have regrets

If you read the tech press you might think that Jobs’ Mob has delivered a cure for cancer with this new iOS4 operating system.  But it turns out there is a serpent in Apple’s walled garden.

Apple fanboys have been reporting on Twitter how they have lost access to their e-mail, contacts or calendar on Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange after installing iOS 4 on its first day.

A Google spokesman confirmed the problem’s existence in the late afternoon, and promised a a fix within the hour. Although he did not say what the problem was.

Looking through the list of complaints it appears that the flaw in the iOS4 operating system only appears to affect Google Apps.

Some are blaming code under the bonnet of iOS 4 and how it interacts with Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology. ActiveSync is used by Google Apps and Exchange to synchronise e-mail, contacts and calendar between server and iPhone.

It seems to only bother those whose corporate networks are based on early versions of exchange. People on Exchange 2007 and 2010 seem to be ok, but those on 2003 are not.

Neither Microsoft nor Apple had officially commented. However one of the reasons that many people were thinking of upgrading to iOS 4’s was its support for multiple Exchange accounts via ActiveSync.

It is fairly likely that we will see a patch issued from Google, Microsoft or Apple fairly soon. Neither want to be on the back foot when the iPhone 4, which uses the iOS 4 goes mainstream.

However it is a little odd that the iOS4 should have problems with exchange, given that was one of the headline improvements, which was designed to get the iPhone into corporate networks. It seems that Jobs’ Mob is so good at forgetting that one of the downsides of supporting business customers is you have to support the product for longer than two years. In Apple land no one uses software from 2003. 

Still Apple fanboys will no doubt refuse to believe that there is anything wrong with Apple for not working this out and rush to blame Google and Microsoft for not working with Steve’s OS, rather than the other way around.