Dump IE6 pleads Microsoft security officer

Microsoft has started to plead with users to dump IE6 and move onto IE8.

Stuart Strathdee, chief security officer, Microsoft Australia said that he is having a devil of a job getting home and enterprise users to upgrade.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald  that IE6 has a lifecycle and it is well beyond its best before date.

He fears that if users haven’t upgraded from the nine-year-old IE6, it is because they have their Windows automatic updates turned off.

This means that they would be missing other important security patches as well.

Apparently a great deal of help desk calls are still linked to IE6. It says users complain of websites not opening up or crashing the browser.

Global figures in Netmarketshare’s April 2010 Report show IE8 is used by 25 percent of global users compared to 18 percent still on IE6. 13 percent have switched to IE7 in the meantime.

“For us security and privacy are closely related. We’re really pleading with people to upgrade,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.