Drupal 8 goes "round the horne"

Drupal’s creator, Dries Buytaert has been talking up the open saucy projects latest offering in the style of Round the Horne’s Julian and Sandy.

Buyaert, who probably has never heard of Round the Horne, has been saying that the new version of Drupal 8 will be “bold”. If he had, he probably would not have used the phrase.

Buyaert said his bold new creation may not be out by the end of the year, and will be available whenever it’s ready. 

This version will have an incorporation of elements of the Symfony2 Web framework as Buytaert continues to try and take the software away from being a content management system towards a unified web platform that organisations can standardise on to build web-based services, for both internal and customer focused sites.

According to Computerworld, Buyaert wants the software to deliver an organisation’s key corporate websites to intranets, smaller-scale sites built for one-off events and other public and internal web tools.

Part of the problem is that big companies have dozens of websites and organisations have frequently ended up using point solutions for different websites, ending up with multiple platforms to deliver a corporate website.

He said that there was a real desire in the market right now to simplify that and standardise on newer systems and that is where a bold Drupal fits in.

Buyaert claimed that there were more organisations saying we’re just going to standardise on Drupal because they don’t need to have engineers that have different skillsets, it can just make a Drupal team to maintain all of the websites.