Dropbox wants to replace the hard drive

Cloud outfit Dropbox has told the word+dog that it wants to replace the hard disk in a PC.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston told Wired that he wants to create the spiritual successor to the hard drive.

The new Dropbox platform includes tools for developers that will allow them to use Dropbox to sync app data between devices, so that a user of a photo-editing application can access the same library of photos and settings on their smartphone and tablet, for example.

Houston said that new APIs will also make it easier for app developers to include plugins that save to Dropbox, or choose files stored in the service for use within apps. This means that developers can connect to hundreds of millions of Dropboxes with just a few lines of code. For example, the Chooser app gives people access to the files in their Dropbox from web and mobile apps, and the Saver makes saving files to Dropbox possible with a single click.

The apps are already being used in Yahoo Mail, Shutterstock, and Mailbox.

Of course, Dropbox is not really going to replace the hard drive until the day it is possible to boot windows from the world wide wibble, Houston said.