Dodgy GPS smartphone stalker service cracked

Bunny boilers and suspicious spouses are having to revert back to wearing black coats and following their victims down the street after police busted a ring that developed a program to stalk people through their smartphone GPS services.

According to Korea Joongang Daily the ring, which made its money through selling the whereabouts of the victims to those who asked, was cracked by the Seoul Metropolitan police agency. The program is said to have worked in a similar way to SKT and KT Telecoms service -Find Friends. Through a similar database the accused were able to obtain locations, phone call and text information on people.

Of the those arrested one was a 41 year old broker, Mr Kim, who was accused of buying more than $89(100,000 won) of personal information. Another, Mr Yoon, was slapped with the cuffs for his part in selling the locations and other personal information of the two telecoms company’s customers.

A further five workers at SEO- a subcontractor of of the two telecoms companies- were arrested for their part in managing and developing the service. And it didn’t end there with 75 others also booked for their part in selling around 198000 location details and other pieces of information to suspicious other halves and dodgy debt agencies between August and November last year.

Of course SKT and KT claim they knew nothing of the wrong doings.