Developers defect from OpenOffice in droves

A report on a developer blog said that 33 OpenOffice developers have fled the Oracle coop and have decided to work on LibreOffice and the Document Foundation.

The reason, according to the blog, here, is that Oracle appears to not really putting its muscle behind the developers or the community.

The developers – described as lead developers – want other members of the OpenOffice community to join them.  The blog says: “We want a change to give  the community as well as the software it develops the opportunity to evolve….We hope that many are going to join us on this path.”

The blog entry suggests that OpenOffice has “no community anymore”.  Oracle, it continues, doesn’t see the community as important to the software. “Instead [it] insists on full control of the project.”

There’s a “tsunami of support” shifting from OpenOffice to LibreOffice. The entry ends: “It is very essential that we have LibreOffice as the alternative to the Microsoft Office suite and all forces should be put behind this project.”