Dell launches Virtual Integrated System cloud software

Dell has today launched new software and services for its Virtual Integrated System (VIS) architecture, aimed at providing a more substantial cloud computing service to businesses.

The service will help customers make the transition to an open cloud model which allows businesses to combine storage and pool resources amongst departments and employees, saving time and money and developing a more efficient and unified workplace which can be better managed through a single entity, claimed Dell.

The Dell VIS architecture comes in a variety of component software and services, including the Advanced Infrastructure Manager, VIS Self-Service Creator and VIS Director. Dell is also offering consulting services and ProSupport services for the new cloud venture.

The Advanced Infrastructure Manager aims to simplify data centre management, allowing a single admin to allocate server, storage, and network resources against application workloads. 

The VIS Self-Service Creator standardises and automates the way applications are deployed, allowing swifter deployment of new business applications. It utilises a web-based portal that allows users to select, deploy, and manage any applications entered into a customised catalogue. 

The VIS Director is an IT Operations hub for the virtual environment, which features advanced reporting, potential and trend analysis, capacity and utilisation reporting, cost allocation and chargeback solutions, providing information, analytics, and management of any IT department.

“Cloud computing is the emerging frontier for IT and there’s no doubt it’s providing customers with demonstrable benefits in terms of cost savings and agility,” said Brad Anderson, senior vice-president of the Enterprise Product Group at Dell. “Dell’s VIS architecture is unique in that it works with a customer’s existing architecture and their current products and investments – whether from Dell or another provider.”

The Advanced Infrastructure Manager and VIS Self-Serive Creator are available from today. The VIS Director is expected to be released over the next few months.