Dalai Lama goes 3D with mandala

Tibetan Buddhism is known for beautiful mandalas made of different coloured sands  and we sincerely hope that because the Dalai Lama was captured viewing one in 3D that the new will not supplant the old.

EON, which specialises in software for 3D, created the mandala and persuaded him to don the 3D specs on a visit to Miami University to receive an honorary Doctor of Law degree.

According to EON, Miami students are digitising Tibetan documents and students used its software to make the virtual mandala.

The specs allowed the Dalai Lama to have an interactive 3D trip through the virtual mandala. According to Eric Hodgson, director of Miami Uni’s interactive virtualisation centre, students working on the mandala learnt EON Studio quickly and it was “very well received by His Holiness”.

David Hodge, president of Miami University, got very very enthused indeed. He said: “The work is very, very exciting, and its impact is incalculable. I really run out of superlatives to use in describing my reaction to your work. Stunning, simply stunning.”