Citrix buys New Zealand cloud

Citrix has signed on the dotted line with EMS-Cortex in a bid to extend its hosted cloud services offerings.

The acquisition means that the New Zealand company will form part of Citrix’s Cloud App Delivery Group, which gives businesses tailored services for application delivery. This will be through its existing Cortex Cloud Control Panel, which, as you may expect, runs cloud services.

This allows customers to log into a website, manage user accounts, assign desktops and add or change applications or services they receive. Service providers can use the system to create new tenant accounts and delegate management rights to specific users.

Writing about the acquisition and Citrix’s cloud services, Scott Swanburg at the company said: “In late 2007 an idea was born at Citrix for a subscription based licensing program to make our core technology available around the world to the evolving Managed Service Providers.  The program started with a pilot of merely 10 partners in four countries. 

“Thanks to some creative licensing folks in the Citrix Channel Sales organisation and a couple of dreamers in the product organisation, the program was successful enough to warrant its continuation in 2008.  That was then, this is now…”

Talking about the company’s approach now, he added: “With a nimble team of engineers, marketeers, and architects feedback from the partner base (and subscribers) will be designed into the core products to enable a faster time to market and a more efficient/optimised service provider operation. 

“Among other enhancements Citrix will be working with partners to create faster ways to stand up datacenters and create more comprehensive ways in which to provision end subscribers.”