Church of England replaces paper with software

And it came to pass in the Land of Britain that the Church, which was founded by Henry VIII so that he didn’t have to keep asking someone else if it was ok to divorce his wife, decided that it was time to get rid of paper.

The CoE has hired Perceptive Software, to come up with some software to streamline the selection process, for candidates applying to join the Ordained Ministry.

The software will replace a tried and test paper based technique which has been around since the 16th century which has so far only had to cope with the inovation of the biro.

The idea is that the CeE’s Ministry Division will replace its paper-based processes with an electronic system, which is then integrated with its new HR and payroll systems.

Now the priests will be able to fill in their forms online and all supplementary information relating to the candidate, will be scanned, collated and securely stored in electronic applicant folders.

The Revd Stephen Ferns who oversees the ordination selection process at the Church of England said that every year the Ministry Division runs around 50 Bishops’ Advisory Panels and asseses 16 candidates at each Panel.

The way things are going, with recruitment slowing, particularly now that some male priests have a problem with working with women, it is really important to get priests processed quickly before they change their minds.