Chrome blocks malware automatically

Search giant Google has expanded its Chroman empire by sending its legions into the world of Malware.

Google today announced Chrome is getting an automatic download blocking feature for malware. The new functionality has been shoved under the bonnet of the Chrome version Canary.

According to its bog, all versions of Chrome will soon automatically block downloads and let you know in a message at the bottom of your screen.

You will be able to “dismiss” the message if Google is wrong about the site, but it is not clear if you will be allowed to stop or revert the block.

Google said that criminals regularly try to trick users into installing and running malicious software by bundling it with free and sometimes fake screensavers, video plugins, or even supposed security updates.

In all these cases, Chrome is increasingly being targeted because its usage is growing.

The malicious programs often block your ability to change your settings back and make themselves hard to uninstall, keeping you trapped in an undesired state.

Google says Canary is “the most bleeding-edge official version of Chrome and somewhat of a mix between Chrome dev and the Chromium snapshot builds”. Bleeding hell.

It looks like Google is serious about getting the feature into the Chrome. The fact that the software giant has actually announced it means that it will be headed there at some point, rather than disappearing as vapourware.