Christian electronic censorship angers movie studios

A DVD censoring technology has sailed up the nasal passages of the movie industry.

Family Friendly Edited DVDs are being sued by Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony, Disney, Universal, and Fox.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the outfit is in the business of distributing bowdlerised versions of movies so that the good Christian families are not shocked by the odd use of the word golly, or the steady march of female breasts which their god apparently hates.

However the problem with Family Friendly Edited DVDs is that they do not appear to have asked the movie studios if they can hack about their movies.

The outfit is pretty heavy on the hacking, in the name of Jesus and protecting children from all that “cursin”. To do the editing the outfit has had to bypass DVD DRMs 

The studios have called for a “temporary, preliminary and permanent” injunction against Family Friendly’s activities, plus an order requiring the company to “deliver up for impound and disposal” its inventory.

Family Friendly appear to have seen that the writing is on the wall and has started offering a “liquidation” sale of all their DVDs. It looks like it is one up for the Whore of Hollywood Babylon against the self-righteous.