Chinese engineers settle with Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk on piracy

Microsoft, Adobe and Autodesk have finally dropped the beef with Chinese steel structure engineering outfit Guangzhou Wuyang Steel Structure Co., which is being hailed as a “triumph” against software piracy.

The Chinese company has to fork out for 1.3 million yuan – $198,000 – to the three along with financial damages that were not made public. It’s being forced to buy authorised kit including legitimate copies of Windows, as well as Photoshop and Autodesk’s AutoCAD, which sounds like a mechanised Victorian womaniser but is actually design software.

No one is commenting. But the Chinese courts accepted the case last year and the agreements have been signed, reports Market Watch

Software giants are battling to change attitudes over in China about software piracy, especially in the corporate space. Last year Microsoft won a case against Dazhong Insurance for using unlicensed copies of Redmond’s software and had to splash out on 2.7 million yuan

While it’s a win, it’s a small win: China’s a big place and attitudes to using blackmarket software made so easily available will take some time to change.