China has a big Windows XP problem

As Microsoft prepares to pull the life-support plug on Windows XP, China is scratching its head and wondering what it should do.

China has eight months before Windows XP gets its last last security update and in that time it has to work out what to do with millions of XP installs.

Net Applications said that 37.2 percent of the globe’s personal computers ran Windows XP last month which means that there must be about 570 million machines.

But according to Network World, some countries are going to suffer more than others. Only 16.4 percent of US computers run the aged software.

But in China 72.1 percent of the country’s computers rely on it and will be sitting ducks for any exploits that come along.

China has been slowly shedding its dependence on Windows XP, but if it continues at its current rate XP will still be on between 65.2 percent and 65.7 percent of its personal computers.