Child Support Agency computer system gets worse

Blighty’s much ridiculed Child Support Agency’s computer system is causing costs at the outfit to skyrocket.

Part of the problem is that more than 100,000 cases have been deemed too difficult for the computer system to handle.

According to Computing, the CS2 cannot manage cases workflows correctly and some are getting stuck in the system. This has caused delays in payments being made.

To fix the problem CSA instigated a process to remove cases from CS2 and transfer them to an outsourced clerical system. While this means that people get processed the cost of dealing with cases doubles.

According to the Current Bun, a “senior government source” claimed that the “the computer systems are in chaos”.

A CSA spokesman said that the situation was not that bad. While the costs for a case in the clerical system is far higher, the CSA has plans to “introduce a replacement system.”

This would be the replacement system which is being designed by the maker of small city cars, Tata. That system is not expected to come online until 2012, which is just in time for the end of the world so we will not know if it worked or not.