Celebrity gamer clan to get trounced at Halo: Reach launch

Microsoft has today announced a competition for the Xbox 360, and Halo: Reach, which will see the winner become captain of a “dream team” of celebrity Xbox fans who are probably taking a bung from Microsoft.

The fans include Rio Ferdinand, the new-ish one off of T4 Jameela Jamil, rugby man Ben Cohen and The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury, in what will be the most high profile and most doomed-from-the-start clan to take on anyone over Xbox: Live. Rio Ferdinand’s good with his feet but controllers are ergonomically designed to fit into hands. Someone better tell him.

There’s a mystery member which is yet to be revealed – our bet is on Stevie Wonder or Stephen Hawking.

Microsoft is planning a series of mini tournaments, in Halo 3, scheduled over the weekend beginning the 14th of August. Registration is open until Friday the 13th, lucky-for-some, at UK Spotlight, Play2Compete, XboxLiveAddicts and Xboxer360. The overall winner will find themselves taking charge of the hopeless squad.

The “Elite Spartan Squad” will then go face to face with a team of six gamers selected by the Xbox 360 team to challenge them. It’ll all go down at the Reach launch, where we will hopefully see the celebs headshotted over and over and over and over and over. 

The official Xbox site for the competition is here.