Canonical puts Ubuntu on Android

Linux distributor Canonical has lifted the kimono on its Ubuntu for Android plans.

Canonical CEO Jane Silber told PC Pro  that Canonical wants people to install a dual-OS concept that will allow a smartphone to be used as a desktop when docked.

Ubuntu for Android will give users a full version of the open source desktop OS working alongside Google’s mobile OS.

She said that when the phone is being used as a smartphone, it runs Android. But when it is docked it automatically switches to Ubuntu.

It would mean that it would give you an Ubuntu desktop with the same contacts, same photos, same files and same network configurations, she said.

Files and software can be shared between the two OSes and calls and text messages can be sent and received via Ubuntu in desktop mode.

When in docked mode, Ubuntu fully syncs email, displays Wi-Fi and other connectivity, uses Android contacts, music and apps.