BBC gives away free Dr Who game

Raggedy Doctor Who and his hot side-kick Amy Pond (pictured) are to get an airing in cyberspace.

The BBC has been given permission to release several free adventure games based around its new Doctor Who and his assistant.

The titles of the four interactive episodes, which are being released over a period of months starting in June, are being kept secret.

The games were created by a team of producers and writers from the show and feature the voice of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Smith made his debut in the Easter Saturday episode of Dr Who which was watched by eight million viewers.

According to the Beeb the pair were digitally scanned into the episode.

The games have been developed to run alongside the new series and as the BBC cannot charge for content the episodes, designed for both PCs and Macs, will be distributed for free via the BBC website.

They have been described as “an extra four episodes” of the TV series and it is claimed that the production standards are on a par.

Charles Cecil, who has worked on developing the game, was quoted as saying that it might put a few people’s noses out of joint and turn things on their head a bit given that it’s free.

“But most importantly I think this can redefine what people expect of a computer game in terms of its story and really prioritise narrative as part of the medium.”