Autonomy turns in record Q1 results

British software company Autonomy published its first quarter financial results and turned in what it described as a record first quarter.

Autonomy swung to first quarter revenues of $194.2 million, a 50 percent rise compared to the same quarter last year. Its profit before tax was $85.3 million, a rise of 47 percent in profitability compared to the same quarter last year.

Wins in the quarter included AT&T, Genentech, Lloyds Bank, American Automobile Association, Carnival Cruises, Citi, Kraft, O2, Samsung, Tesco, Visa, Bank of America and Bayer.  It also recorded repeat and new licences with many government, defence and intelligence agencies worldwide, including the US, the UK, the European Commission, Canada, Spain and Abu Dhabi.

OEM deals included new and repeats with Adobe, McAfee, and Siemens, with repeat business accounting for 51 percent of its revenues in the first quarter.

Mike Lynch, Autonomy’s CEO, said: “We continue to make our technology available across a host of platforms from OEM and software licences to appliance and cloud computing.”