Aussie parking wardens stuffed by iPhone App

Aussie parking wardens are stumped by a new iPhone App which warns drivers who are parked illegally that they are about to get a ticket.

Apparently Apple fanboys have been smugly parking their cars where they like safe in the knowledge that if a parking warden shows up their shiny toy will give them plenty of warning.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Aussie parking wardens and local councils say there is nothing they can do about the new mobile app.

ParkPatrol, developed by Sydney-based software developer Crwdpower, sends alerts to the iPhone if a parking officer is near their car.

It depends on people who have the app on their phones to report the locations of parking officers they see in the street. A server then cross-checks incoming reports with all the checked-in parked cars on its database, and sends instant text alerts to drivers when a report comes within 200 metres of a parked car.

It is hardly reliable, but a spokeswoman for the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW said that as technology advances, the creation and use of applications such as ParkPatrol are “essentially unavoidable”.

We are not quite sure why Apple fanboys would avoid meeting a Gold Coast meter maid (see picture) it might be the only conversation they have with a breathing girl. It is also funny how Steve Jobs will ban porn from his app store, but will not stop software which encourages illegal activity. Mind you he is famous for parking in disabled car spaces so perhaps he sympathises.