Aussie company puts Microsoft on the spot

An Australian firm has taken legal action against Microsoft and CDW for infringing patents it says it owns.

Financial Systems Technology (FST), based in Malvern, Victoria, alleges that it owns US patents RE40,520 and RE40,063 – both being fast ways of performing searches on relational databases.

It has previously taken legal action against Oracle, and alleges in the writ that its patents were duly re-examined after the database giant had asked the US Patent Office. The USPTO, however, re-issued the patents to the Aussie company. And after the USPTO re-issued them, Oracle settled with FST.

The patents, issued to Karol Doktor, are, it’s said fundamental to modern day, commercially successful database management systems.

FST claims that several Microsoft products, including SQL Server, Commerce Server and other products infringe on its patents. CDW sells Microsoft products, which presumably is why it has been brought into the case.