Attachmate lays off Mono staff

The Open Sauce Mono project, which was the Novell led effort to provide an open source implementation of the Vole’s .NET on Linux, has been moved to Germany and the US office shut down.

Attachmate has re-organised the Novell business it bought for $2.2 billion and has rallied its SuSE  and the Buckshee’s business in Nuremburg.

According to Internet News,  Attachmate told an unknown number of US based Novell developers working on the open source Mono project to clean out their desks and collect their p45s.

It is not clear what the project’s future is because Jeff Hawn, Chairman and CEO of The Attachmate Group said that prioritisation and resourcing of certain development efforts, including Mono, will now be determined by the business unit leaders there. Whatever that means.

He insisted however that all technology roadmaps remain intact with resources being added to those if customers are interested enough.

Mono is not a popular project among open saucers who see it at best as a necessary evil. It was started by Miguel de Icaza in 2004 and uses Vole-style technology. It is a way to run .NET on Linux. There are a few patent problems with the beast which is one of the reasons that Red Hat did not touch it.

It is not clear if Miguel has been sentenced to Nuremburg, but pulling apart his team like that must miff him somewhat.  It is not clear if moving to Germany would give the project Lebensraum or be a precursor to being mothballed. Still anything would be better than Utah.