ARM Cortex M3/ PSoC 5 design challenge commences

Cypress Semiconductor has announced a competition to find the most innovative and useful designs from those using the Cypress PSoC 5 architecture, powered by the ARM Cortex-M3 processor.

The originally named ARM Cortex M3/ PSoC 5 Design Challenge, is in conjunction with EE Times and ARM. It kicks off this week at the ARM TechCon, and will award winners over $10,000 altogether in cash and prizes throughout the contest, including the $2,500 grand prize, which will be announced in May next year.

Judging of the contest entries will be done in three stages. Stage one will involve designers submitting schematic block diagrams and abstracts of their ideas. From these entries, the top 100 will be selected, each of which will be awarded a free PSoC 5 Developer Kit.

Stage two will ask the first round winners to submit a video of their completed designs, along with a project file created in Cypress’s PSoC Creator IDE. From this group, four winners will be selected and awarded $1,000 from the following categories: Best Analogue Design, Best Digital Design, Best PSoC Creator Component Design, and the Community Choice Design. The winners will be selected by the voting of over 20,000 members of the Cypress Design Community.

Stage three will then be selecting the grand prize winner from the four winning designs by a panel of judges.

“The beauty of PSoC is that its flexibility offers literally millions of possibilities, and we know that we can’t possibly uncover all of them, even with some of the most talented engineers in the business,” said Norm Taffe, executive vice president of Cypress’s Consumer and Computation Division. “We look forward to enabling our customers to leverage their creativity and explore what PSoC has to offer.”